Finest Excessive Protein Meals for Wholesome Consuming


Take a second to understand that stunning physique of yours — that physique that helps and guides you thru life, preventing to maintain you protected, providing you with a spot to name residence. We wouldn’t have this physique (or any physique for that matter) with out protein.

Protein is the muse of our physique. It constructs cells, muscle tissue, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, and immune antibodies. It additionally helps with development and restore, preserving us wholesome and robust. Identical to constructing a home, we want the correct supplies to put the foundations to construction our physique.

Sorts of amino acids

Excessive protein meals are composed of amino acids, the constructing blocks of life. There are 21 amino acids that prepare themselves in several combos based on your physique’s wants. Identical to the constructing and maintenance of a home, you want the correct quantity of wooden, cement, bricks, piping, plumbing, paint, and many others., readily available at any time when it’s essential to make additions, modifications, or restore your own home.

Amino acids are categorized as important, conditionally important, or nonessential. Take into account these classifications as a common — not strict — guideline when designing or choosing a meals plan. It’s tough to know the specifics about every individual’s day by day amino acid utilization and wishes as it could rely on many various circumstances (stress, sickness, development, exercise).

shoulder injury

9 of these 21 amino acids are important amino acids, which means that your physique can’t produce them by itself and acquires them from excessive protein meals. They every serve a unique function, benefiting every thing from mind well being and cell formation to detoxing.

  1. Histidine: Used to supply neurotransmitters useful for sexual, digestion, and sleep cycle capabilities.

  2. Isoleucine: Considered one of three branch-chain amino acids which assist construct muscle. It additionally helps the manufacturing of purple blood cells and power metabolism.

  3. Leucine: One other one of many three branch-chain amino acids that allows constructing muscle. It additionally assists with wound therapeutic and regulating blood sugar.

  4. Valine: Final of the three branched-chain amino acids identified to stimulate muscle development and power manufacturing.

  5. Lysine: Allows hormone and enzyme manufacturing, aiding within the absorption of calcium. It will increase power, improves the immune operate, and produces collagen.

  6. Methionine: Wanted for tissue development and absorbing minerals (zinc and selenium). A key participant within the cleansing course of.

  7. Phenylalanine: Helps produce neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine, answerable for combat or flight instincts.

  8. Threonine: Helps pores and skin and connective tissue well being by producing collagen.

  9. Tryptophan: A precursor to serotonin, the “completely satisfied” neurotransmitter that regulates urge for food, sleep, and temper.

Chilly sore prevention:

Ask your doctor about taking lysine dietary supplements which might block arginine, linked to larger incidences of chilly sores.

pasta carrot and egg bowlDo you know…

Tryptophan uptake within the mind is elevated with high-carb meals. No marvel why Thanksgiving dinner makes us really feel further mellow and sleepy.

Conditionally important amino acids

Thought of to be non-essential conditionally important amino acids could also be required in additional substantial quantities throughout sure circumstances akin to sickness, post-surgery, damage, or stress.

  • Arginine

  • Cysteine

  • Glutamine

  • Tyrosine

Nonessential amino acids

Required for regular well being and development, nonessential amino acids will be synthesized by the physique.

  • Alanine

  • Asparagine

  • Aspartic acid

  • Glutamic acid

  • Proline

  • Serine

Pairing excessive protein meals

Meals with the entire important amino acids primarily come from animal merchandise (meat, eggs, poultry, dairy, fish). Soy (just like the tofu in our Orange Tofu Stir-Fry photograph beneath), quinoa, and buckwheat are a number of of the plant-based variants that include the entire important amino acids. Different plant-based meals akin to legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, and greens are thought-about to be incomplete as they lack a number of of the important amino acids. Nonetheless, you may treatment this by merely mixing and matching your meals.


These pairings of plant-based meals, eaten all through the day will make sure you meet all of our amino acids wants. Combine and match the meals beneath whereas specializing in a constant number of excessive protein meals.

Backside line:

Intention to have protein with each meal and each snack.

  • Main meals: Corn

  • Restricted amino acid: Tryptophan, lysine

  • Complementary meals: Legumes (beans, lentils)

  • fitnessinf recipe: Lentil Tacos

Lentil tacos

  • Main meals: Greens

  • Restricted amino acid: Methionine

  • Complementary meals: Seeds, nuts, and oats

  • fitnessinf recipe: Sesame Wrap

sesame wrap

  • Main meals: Nuts and Seeds

  • Restricted amino acid: Lysine

  • Complementary meals: Legumes (beans and lentils)

  • fitnessinf recipe: Soaked Peanut Butter Oats with Orange + Flaxseed

soaked peanut butter oats with orange

  • Main meals: Grains

  • Restricted amino acid: Lysine, threonine

  • Complementary meals: Legumes (beans and lentils)

  • fitnessinf recipe: Smashed White Beans on Bread

smashed white beans sandwich vegan

  • Main meals: Beans

  • Restricted amino acid: Methionine

  • Complementary meals: Grains, nuts, and seeds

  • fitnessinf recipe: Tuscan White Bean Stew + Sunflower Seeds


Wish to be sure to have sufficient protein selection in your life? Enroll for the fitnessinf Professional app. Our in-house nutritionists guarantee that the entire recipes meet your minimal day by day protein consumption, so that you enrich your physique with all these improbable amino acids.


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