Substitute a 2-Piece Crankset



Having the ability to take away your two-piece crankset is helpful if you wish to clear off your body or work in your chainrings, or if one in all your crank arms must be changed. This text and video present you the way.

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Video: Bike Upkeep:  Substitute a 2-Piece Crankset

Instruments you’ll want:

  • #5 hex key
  • Torque wrench
  • Backside bracket device

Eradicating the Crankset

First, raise the chain off the chainring and relaxation the chain gently on the bearing cap. You possibly can push the tensioning arm ahead to loosen the chain. Then, loosen the pinch bolts on the non-drive-side crank arm, however do not totally take away them.

Now, you should utilize the underside bracket device to take away the plastic pre-load cap, and set the cap apart. (The kind of device required to take away the pre-load cap varies with the model of the crankset, and a few manufacturers don’t have a cap in any respect. Examine with the crankset producer to make certain you’ve the proper instruments for eradicating your crankset.)

With the cap off, pull the left crank off the spindle. Then, faucet the tip of the spindle together with your hand to loosen it. If it wants some encouragement, gently use a rubber mallet. As soon as the spindle is free, pull the crank and chainrings out the opposite aspect.

Changing the Crankset

Once you’re accomplished together with your work, and it is time to substitute the crank, slide the spindle by means of the bottom-bracket shell and faucet it into place with the heel of your hand.

Substitute the left crank arm, adopted by the plastic preload cap. Gently tighten the cap together with your backside bracket device.

Subsequent, tighten the pinch bolts on the crank arm, however do not totally tighten one bolt earlier than the opposite. Travel on every bolt till they’re hand tight, after which use your torque wrench to achieve the desired torque.

End the job by transferring the chain again onto the chainring and shifting by means of the gears to ensure all the pieces works correctly.


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