20-Minute Restorative Yoga Sequence


By definition, restorative yoga usually entails only a handful of poses and a variety of props to assist assist your physique, easing you into full leisure. Restorative yoga poses embrace mild twists, small coronary heart and hip openers, and mild backbends.

Many yoga studios provide restorative courses as a part of their schedule. Nonetheless, not everybody has the posh of attending an in-person 60 or 90-minute restorative yoga class and, with a purpose to observe restorative yoga at residence, you’ll have a tendency to wish a number of props. That’s the place our circulate is available in. Our restorative yoga sequence contains three actions to heat up the backbone and core, adopted by eight enjoyable poses. Although you received’t maintain a pose so long as you’ll in a typical restorative class, they nonetheless goal the areas of the physique in dire want of a delicate launch.

New to yoga? This is find out how to begin yoga.

20-Minute restorative yoga sequence

On this restorative yoga sequence, anticipate to carry every posture for about one to 2 minutes. We’ll begin seated, then transfer into warm-up postures, positions on the stomach, ahead folds, and reclined asanas, ending with savasana.

Heads-up: On the finish of the video, Emily units you up for savasana and the video fades out. Proceed to relaxation in savasana for so long as your physique needs to remain there. Goal to relaxation for at the least 5 minutes, however because you received’t have a timer set, focus in your breath and unwind.

Restorative yoga at residence

Earlier than you begin training at residence, there are some things to contemplate. Listed below are our six suggestions:

1. Give your self time

In restorative yoga, poses are held wherever from 5 to 20 minutes. The longer holds permit your physique to utterly loosen up right into a posture, so that you reap the complete advantages of the discharge.

Disclaimer: We received’t maintain the poses that lengthy in our fitnessinf restorative circulate. That mentioned, you possibly can do the circulate once more by yourself holding poses for longer when you get the grasp of them. Ensure you depart a variety of time for savasana on the finish. We advocate 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Create a soothing area

It’s a lot simpler to loosen up when you find yourself in an setting that lets you. Observe at a time when distractions are restricted and in the event you’re anxious that children, pets or companions would possibly interrupt you, talk that you simply want X minutes of quiet time. Set your telephone to silent and maintain it out of view (until you’re utilizing it to comply with our circulate). Gentle a candle, dim the lights, disguise any laundry or mess, and put together to loosen up.

3. Choose your poses with care

In-studio restorative yoga courses usually function about 5 poses, however not more than 10. As there are so few poses in a restorative observe, select your poses correctly. Do that by scanning your physique and figuring out the place you are feeling sore, tight, or harassed. For instance, in case your decrease again feels compressed, embrace a pose that’ll assist with that. In case your hips really feel tight from extended sitting, biking or working, select poses that’ll permit that space to loosen up.

4. Prioritize props

For our restorative yoga sequence, you’ll solely want a lumbar or bolster pillow. You may also get pleasure from having a blanket close by to cowl up to your savasana. When you embrace different poses in your observe, be sure to have the required props or vogue them from issues you’ve got round the home (e.g., pillows, blankets, books, quick items of furnishings).

5. Take management of the noise

When you dwell in a secluded space near wildlife, think about cracking a window open and invite the sounds of nature into your area. When you’re within the metropolis or a loud suburb, do the other. Shut the home windows, discover some soothing ambient music, and loosen up. No sound is A-OK, too.

6. Let your breath circulate

Whenever you settle right into a restorative yoga pose, it usually aligns your physique in a means that enables your breath circulate simply. Give attention to letting gravity take over and letting your breath develop into full, deep and pure. This rhythmic breath sends “I’m secure” indicators to your mind, furthering emotions of leisure.

Key poses on this restorative circulate


Supported little one’s pose

The primary pose on this circulate is little one’s pose. Kneel, separate your knees nearly as vast as your mat, convey your large toes to the touch, and place the pillow longways between your knees. Place the pillow so your sternum and left cheek can relaxation on it. You possibly can let your arms relaxation by your sides or attain them ahead. When you’re reaching your arms ahead, permit your forearms to loosen up on the mat. Breathe right here, turning your head about midway via.

Yogi tip:

When you want extra peak, place a folded blanket underneath or on high of your pillow.

Sphinx pose

Come to your stomach. Prop your self up in your elbows, forearms flat and parallel to the aspect edges of the mat. Be certain that your elbows are proper underneath your shoulders and palms are flat on the bottom, making a 90° angle along with your arms. Gaze ahead and draw your elbows again, opening your chest. Breathe deeply.

Downward going through fallen tree pose

From a sphinx pose, bend your proper knee and place your toes by your left knee, coming into tree pose in your stomach. Place a pillow underneath your proper knee to raise it. Decrease right down to relaxation your brow on one other pillow, a blanket, your arms or the mat. Keep for at the least two minutes earlier than switching sides.

Baddha konasana

Sit tall and convey the soles of your ft collectively, coming into butterfly pose. In case your hips are tight and also you’d like knee assist, place a pillow, yoga block or blankets underneath every knee. Gently fold your higher physique ahead and loosen up into the posture.

Seated fold with bent knees

Sit in your sit bones and bend your knees, so your ft are planted flat on the bottom. Place a pillow between your chest and your thighs and bow your head down, rounding your backbone. Breathe as you let your physique loosen up into the light fold.

Supine fallen tree pose

This pose is rather like downward going through fallen tree pose defined above besides as an alternative of resting in your stomach you relaxation in your again. Come right into a reclined place with legs straight. Bend your proper knee and place your foot on the within of your left leg. Slide your pillow or blanket underneath your proper knee and relaxation. Your arms can relaxation by your sides or in your stomach. Breathe deeply for a minute or extra earlier than switching sides.

Savasana with knee assist

Savasana is crucial pose in any restorative yoga sequence. In our circulate, we relaxation with a pillow underneath our knees. We additionally advocate grabbing a blanket to cowl your self and keep heat. As you come into the pose, loosen up every thing. Let your toes and ft loosen up, let your shoulders soften down away out of your ears, and permit gravity to let your physique to develop into heavy. Keep right here for at the least 5 minutes, nearer to 10 is greatest.


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