Finest Hip Flexor Stretches and Strengthening Strikes


Hip flexors. These hardworking muscle tissues are essential in foundational actions akin to sitting, standing, strolling and operating — they act as a bridge connecting your torso to your decrease physique. Some muscle tissues on this group could be notoriously weak or tight and people of you who’ve ever had points with this a part of your physique will know the uncomfortable ache of both all too properly. There’s loads of debate on the planet of sports activities science over how a lot you need to strengthen and stretch your hip flexors — we’ll clarify.

What are hip flexors?

A flexor is a muscle that flexes a joint. The hip flexors are a bunch of muscle tissues that flex the hip joint. These muscle tissues are grouped into completely different areas — the internal hip, the anterior compartment of the thigh, the glutes and the medial compartment of the thigh.

Now that you simply perceive the place they’re let’s speak about what the hip flexors do exactly. Hip flexors contract once we are seated or when our knees elevate in direction of our chest. Which means jogging, operating, excessive knees, sit-ups, mountain climbers, and squatting to call a number of elementary actions.

Are my hip flexors tight?

Pop quiz! It’s time for a Thomas Take a look at. There are a selection of how to do that take a look at, however we’ll cue you thru the house model. Right here’s how:

  1. Lie in your again on a tough and excessive floor (e.g., espresso desk)

  2. Along with your hips sq., deliver your knees into your chest.

  3. Place each your arms on the proper shin and prolong the left leg out straight.

  4. Observe whether or not or not your left leg rests comfortably on the bottom. If it doesn’t, it’s a transparent signal that your hip flexors are tight. In case your left heel touches the bottom however the knee doesn’t straighten, that’s one other signal that your hip flexors or hamstrings could also be tight.

Do that take a look at at dwelling and document a video or have a somebody take pictures. In the event you’re not assured in self-diagnosis, ebook an appointment with a physiotherapist or private coach to assist diagnose your potential hip flexor tightness and advise you on exercises and stretches.

What causes tight hip flexors?

Extended sitting and actions like operating or biking can result in tight hip flexor muscle tissues and quite a lot of skeletal imbalances. Suppose: if you happen to solely cycle for train, sure muscle tissues in your legs will get stronger (in loads of instances you overwork these muscle tissues) but your core and outer hip muscle tissues would possibly get weaker from lack of engagement. So what? Effectively, these muscle imbalances typically result in skeletal imbalances and accidents down the road. When you’ve got significantly tight hip flexors, your physique will begin to create an anterior pull on the pelvis (anterior pelvic tilt). You possibly can determine an anterior pelvic tilt in case your stomach protrudes barely within the entrance whereas your butt stands proud within the again (what some individuals check with as “duck butt”).

My hips don’t seem like tight, however they’re sore

Simply because your hip flexor area feels sore doesn’t essentially imply the muscle tissues there are tight — in reality, they could want strengthening. That is the place that sports activities science debate we talked about earlier comes into play. It’s necessary to determine whether or not you’re tight or if the muscle tissues are weak. Once more, the Thomas Take a look at will enable you determine if you happen to’re perhaps stretching one thing that truly wants strengthening.

In the event you’re somebody who’s bought a great stretching routine down, each earlier than and after a HIIT exercise, bike trip or run, odds are the discomfort you are feeling signifies that there are grounds for extra strengthening workouts. It’s necessary so as to add that many yogis with extraordinarily versatile hips run into overstretching accidents like hip flexor strains. However, these accidents aren’t simply restricted to the uber-flexible. Runners, cyclists, and Stairmaster lovers would possibly pressure these muscle tissues because of frequent overuse. We’ll share a hip flexor exercise under however, first up, some stretches.

Hip flexor stretches

In the event you’ve ascertained that your hip flexor muscle tissues are tight, we’ve bought some stretches only for you. Maintain every of those stretches for about 10 deep breaths (20 seconds) earlier than releasing or switching sides.

Kneeling hip flexor stretch

Come right into a lunge place with the proper foot ahead. Place the proper knee over the proper ankle and place your left knee on the ground. Carry each arms simply above the proper knee and preserve a straight backbone as you progress ahead barely with the proper knee. Squeeze your glute muscle tissues and breathe into the left hip flexors. Change sides.

Standing hip flexor stretch (quad stretch)

Stand tall together with your hips sq. and bend your proper knee, bringing your foot in direction of your bum. Seize the proper foot together with your proper hand and actively pull the foot nearer to your glutes. As you do that, ship the proper knee down in direction of the bottom and hold each knees collectively. squeeze your butt to advertise a posterior pelvic tilt and maintain — then swap sides.

Supine stretch

This one is just like the Thomas Take a look at! Begin in a supine place (that means mendacity in your again) with legs prolonged straight on the bottom. Pull the proper knee into your chest and hold your again, hips, and left leg on the ground.

Reclined bound-angle pose

Lie in your again and produce the soles of your toes collectively to the touch, permitting your knees to open and drop out to the perimeters. Breathe deeply to stretch the internal thighs, hips, and groin.

Piriformis twist

This stretch will get on the piriformis muscle of the hip flexor. Sit with each legs prolonged in entrance of you. Bend the proper knee and place the proper foot on the ground. Place your proper hand behind you and hook your left elbow on the skin of the proper knee. As you twist towards the righthand facet, hold your backbone straight and breathe deeply. Change sides after about 20 seconds.

Hip flexor strengthening workouts

Now for some strengthening actions! Add these workouts to your exercise routine, particularly if you happen to run or cycle typically.

Lunge with knee drive

Come right into a lunge together with your proper foot ahead, then drive down via your proper foot as your stand and elevate your knee up into your chest. Repeat this motion 10 instances earlier than switching sides.

Lifeless bug

Lie in your again together with your knees bent at 90° and positioned over your hips. Lengthen your arms straight above your shoulders up in direction of the ceiling. As you straighten the proper leg, decrease your left arm straight behind you with management. Be certain your decrease again doesn’t come off the ground when executing the motion. Change sides. That is one rep.

Ball pikes

Come right into a plank place with the tops of your toes on an train ball. Interact your core and hips then elevate up right into a pike place. Decrease down slowly. That is one rep.

Squat with leg elevate

Begin in a squat place. As you stand, elevate your proper leg up and out to the facet. Return to a squat and repeat on the left facet. That is one repetition.

Mountain climbers

Start in plank place. Pull your proper knee in in direction of your chest, then instantly swap to deliver the left knee in in direction of your chest. Preserve a robust plank kind and transfer as rapidly as you possibly can, sustaining good kind. Rely left-right as one repetition.

Right here’s the complete exercise. Repeat it 3-Four instances for the most effective outcomes:

  • Lunge with knee drive — 10x either side

  • Lifeless bug — 10x (left-right equals one)

  • Squat with leg elevate — 10x (left-right equals one)

  • Ball pikes — 5x

  • Mountain climbers – 10x (left-right equals one)

For extra train how-tos and exercises to strengthen your hip flexors, join for fitnessinf.


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